Dec. 21st, 1987:Master Shi Yongxin founded Shaolin Wushu Team, which became the predecessor of Shaolin Temple Kungfu Monk Corps.
Jun. 2nd-10th, 1989: Master Shi Yongxin led Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps to perform Shaolin Kungfu for three times continually in Hainan Haikou Workers Theater, and it was a great success.
Jul. 28th-30th, 1989: Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps staged three performances in Henan Stadium and fundraised more than ten thousand RMB for the project committee of Yellow Resort Giant Statue of Emperor Yan and Huang.
Dec, 27th, 1990: Upon the invitation of Japan Martial Arts Association, a Shaolin Buddhist Culture Delegation led by Shi Yongxin visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama, etc. In their visit to the Japanese Dharma Temple, a set of 1920’s Shaolin photos was reproduced and provided a basis for recovering the original look of Shaolin Temple. The delegation presented over 10 Shaolin Kungfu shows at Japan National TV, South Korean School, Kyorin University of Japan, etc.
Oct 26th, 1992: Invited by a program of China Central Television, Master Shi Yongxin as a guest of honor received the CCTV’s interview. Through the television program, Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps performed the traditional Shaolin Kungfu to the nationwide audiences.
Apr. 3rd, 1993: Invited by the Trade Association of Macao, Portugal and Taiwan as well as Hong Kong Chinese Expo City. Co. LTD., a group of 25 members of Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps and the leader Shi Yongxin staged a benefit performance in Macao. All the income of tickets sales worth 1 million RMB was donated to China’s Hope Project and Macao Education Fund.
Jun. 7th, 1993: Master Shi Yongxin led a Shaolin Temple Buddhist Culture Delegation to Taiwan and received by political personalities including Yu Dawei, Chiang Weikuo and Hao Bocun. It was the first time a Buddhist delegation from the Chinese mainland visited Taiwan after forty years of separation between the Buddhists on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
Dec. 18th, 1997: Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps made a charitable performance tour to Malaysia’s Capital Kuala Lumpur.
Nov. 1999: Upon invitation of Buckingham Palace of the United Kingdom, Abbot Yongxin led a Shaolin Kungfu Monk Delegation to participate in the 1999 Royal Variety Show. Delegation was received by Queen Elizabeth II. The event represented an important step that Chinese culture has taken into the western world’s mainstream.
Jul. 2000: While making performance in Lebanon, Shaolin Monk Corps was received by the President Lahoud.
 Mar. 2002: Shaolin Temple joined the National Delegation to Korea and Japan on a performance tour. The Former Prime Ministers of Japan Ryutaro Hashimoto and Mori Yoshiro met Abbot Yongxin and applauded the performance of Shaolin Monk Corps.
Jun. 2002: To protect the Shaolin Kungfu that has been carried on by generations of Shaolin monks for 1500 years, Abbot Yongxin started the application process for the title of” Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by the UNESCO. 

Nov. 17-24, 2004: In collaboration on President Hu Jintao’s visit to South America, a group of Shaolin Kungfu monks led by Abbot Yongxin visited Brazilian Capital Saint Paul and attended the cultural exchange “Knowledge of China” organized by the State Council’s News Office. It was the first time for Shaolin monks to perform in Latin America.
Nov. 2005: Shaolin Kungfu was listed as national representative works of human oral and intangible heritage.
May 16, 2006: “Shaolin Kungfu” was published by Shaolin Publishing House.
Mar. 2007: Shaolin Monk Corps went to Moscow from Beijing together with Chinese Delegation, and attended “Year of China” in Russia. Representatives of Shaolin monks were received by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.
Jun.29-Jul.28, 2008: The modern Kungfu play “Sutra” performed by European choreographer and Shaolin Kungfu monks was staged in Europe.
May 18th, 2009: Led by Abbot Yongxin, a group of Shaolin Kungfu inheritors attended the International Festival of Cultural Diversity, UNESCO in Paris, and staged Shaolin Kungfu.
Oct.29th, 2009: Shaolin Temple inked an agreement with the organizing committee of 2010 Shanghai World Expo to present a series of outdoor performance including interactive workshops from May 1st to November 31th.
May 18th-31st, 2010: A group of 21 Shaolin Kungfu monks joined the cultural exchange delegation on a visit to Cameroon, Congo (Brazzaville) and Equatorial Guinea and attended celebration activities for the 50th anniversary of national independence of African countries.