Shaolin Huoluo Plaster

Shaolin Huoluo Plaster originates from the secret recipes collected by dignitaries of Shaolin Temple in all ages. It is good for expelling wind and cold, removing dampness, eliminating phlegm, dissolving stasis and freeing channels. This product is a pure preparation of traditional Chinese medicine and is made by modern technology, thus is convenient for adhibition without any harm to human bodies.  




Papaya Pills Puerarin

Papaya pills puerarin, named Shaolin Huoluo Pills formerly, originates from the secret recipes collected by dignitaries of Shaolin Temple in all ages. Aiming at characteristics of their main symptoms, they are made through strict filtration, many years of clinical application, as well as discarding the dross and selecting the essential. This product is easy to absorb and has small dosage. It can expel wind and remove dampness, expel cold and free channels, tonify the liver and kidney, strengthen the muscles and bones. It can cure both symptoms and the underlying cause because of the many kinds of tare traditional medicines contained. This product is pure preparation of traditional Chinese medicines, without any chemical components as well as poison and side effect, thus can be taken in a long term.





Shaolin Foshou Kunbu Capsule evolves from the Shaolin Foshou Powder Recipe secretly passed on from prominent Shaolin Temple monks of all dynasties. The capsule is applied to treat the symptoms of tumors in the late stage such as: lassitude, aglutition, pain, insomnia, vomiting, hydrothorax, hydroperitoneum and loss of body weight. It has the curative effects of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, clearing away heat-toxin, softening and resolving hard mass, replenishing Qi to invigorate the spleen, nourishing Yin and relieving dryness. Good effects can be achieved with small dosage as it is easy to be absorbed. Combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the capsule can improve the curative effects and reduce the side effect.

Shaolin Glechoma Longituba

Shaolin Glechoma Longituba is composed of the following ingredients: 30g of safflower, 21g of peach kernel, 15g of frankincense (processed with vinegar), 15g of resina draconis, 15g of hematoxylon, 30g of catechu, 30g of radix angelicae sinensis, 60g of Radix Paeoniae Rubra, 30g of corydalis tuber, 30 g of musk, 60g of borneo camphor, 30g of zinnober, 30g of angelica dahurica benth, 2.1g of arum maculatum, 27g of glycyrrhiza, 9g of pseudo-ginseng. The adults shall take 3 to 5 pills at a time, twice daily, rinsed by millet wine, while children shall take less as appropriate. It is used for treating the congestion, pains, traumatic injuries, metal-inflicted bleeding, the pain in chest brought by breathing, and waist- sprain, etc., caused by practicing martial arts.