Jan.5, 2017: December 8, 2016 of the Chinese lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese festival --“The Laba Rice Porridge Festival”, which was also the day the Buddha gained Buddhahood, therefore it has also been declared as the “Dhama Day” and “Thanksgiving Day” in Buddhism. On that day, Shaolin Temple set up sites for providing Laba Rice Porridge for free at the gate of Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau, at downtown area of Dengfeng city and Zhengzhou city, the sub-temples of Shaolin Temple, cultural centers aboard and so on with providing more than 200,000 portions of Laba Congee for free. Through this activity, Shaolin Temple wishes to deliver the value of equality and benevolence of Buddhism and also to carry forward the Chinese traditional national culture.


Aug.14, 2016: Recently, disasters have occurred frequently in China, including the blasts in Binhai New Area in Tianjin, the landslides in Shaanxi, the typhoon in Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui,etc, which caused enormous casualities and porperty losses. Master Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple called on all the monks of Shaolin Temple and its sub-temples to pray for the victims and hoped that the dead could free from all suffering, the injured could recover as soon as possible and the living could get away from the disasters.


Oct.7,2015: On the last day of the National Day holidays, Master Shi Yongxin, abbot of China Songshan Shaolin Temple, proposed to share the bolied corn with tourists to alleviate their hunger caused by the travel with a view to spread the idea of compassion and benefiting all sentient beings in Buddhism. At 5:30a.m., led by Shaolin Chan Farm's director Master Yanzi, monks of Shaolin Temple started to make fire to cook corns. These just-picked corns were planted in the Shaolin Chan Farm. At 8:00a.m., students of Shaolin Chan Farm, monks of Shaolin Temple, worshippers and volunteers began to distribute corns to tourists.


July.5,2015: Near one million mu of wheat was burned to the ground unfortunately at Xihu Village, Sijianfang Town, Huaxian County, Anyang in early June, and farmers, who was affected by this disaster, their year of hard work turned into ashes. As heard about this shocking news, Shi Yongxin, abbot of China Songshan Shaolin Temple, sent Master Shi Yanzi to carry out relief operations immediately. On July 5, trucks loaded with 30 thousand jin of wheat was headed to Xihu Village, and then Master Yanzi and the local government distributed the wheat to the farmers. Moreover, worshippers form Songshan Shaolin Management Area, in response to the call of Shaolin Temple, also donated 20 thousand jin of wheat for the victims.


Sept.28, 2014: On the morning of September 28,2014, Shaolin charity activities was still on the road ,which was supported by Vet.Abbot Yongxin. Five Masters from Shaolin Temple along with Net-pals of Songshan website visited 3 impoverished families in Dajindian township in Dengfeng in spite of pouring rain.


July.30, 2013: As the 86th Army Day of the Chinese People's Liberation Army approaches, the monks of Shaolin Temple carried out the activity to support the army. On July 30, 2013, being led by Master Yanlin, monastic supervisor of Shaolin Temple, the monks of Shaolin Temple extended their warm regards to the officials and soldiers of the local army.


Apr.20,2013:a magnitude 7.0 earthquake broke out in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province, the whole nation was shocked. The world-renowned Shaolin Temple inherits the spirit of compassion all the time and expressed its great care to Ya’an suffering disaster. On the afternoon of April 21, 2013, Shaolin Temple organized more than 500 new initiated people from all over the world to pray for Ya’an. Bringing the exhortation of Ven. Abbot Shi Yongxin, Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau enjoying the title of “The Medical Professional of Chinese Buddhism” organized special rescue team and rushed to Ya’an to join the relief aid.


Oct. 17,2010: Shaolin Kungfu Monks Corps performed in Singapore President Star Charity TV Fundraising Activity by the invitation of the committee of this activity. During the past fifteen years, it's reported that Singapore President Charity Program has raised funds from television audiences for orphanages, old age institutions, children health hospitals, family service protection and education funds etc.


June 2, 2010: Right 49 days after the devastating quake hit in Yushu, Qinghai Province, Shaolin Temple held a ritual to pray for blessings of earthquake victims. The monastic piosly prayed for releasing the soul of the deceased and blessings of people in the earthquake-stricken area.


Jun.7, 2009: At 10am, Shaolin Temple held the charitable walking activity "Walking throughout the World", which is initiated by the United Nations World Food Program with the aim to bring people’s attention to the problem of “Children are hungry” so as to raise money for "School Meal Program" of WFP.

Jan.15, 2009: Upon the coming of the Spring Festival, companied by officials of Dengfeng city, chair Li Zhibing of Henan Provincial General Charity Federation, vice-chair Yang Degong, and chairman of Zhengzhou Charity Federation Yang Huiqin came to Shaolin Orphanage for sincere greetings to the orphans.

Jan.13, 2009: The general manager Li Peng of Zhengzhou Office of Yishion came to Shaolin Orphanage and donated clothes and gifts.

Jan.3, 2009: The children at Shaolin Orphanage took part in the annually-held Offering Porridge on the Bodhi Day.

Dec.3, 2008: In the evening (South African time), Shaolin monks led by Abbot Shi Yongxin made charity performance for African children in Cape Town, and local celebrities from all walks of life came to show their support. All the earning was donated to Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and Lmibala Foundation.

Sep. 6, 2008: China Charity Federation donated 18 computers to Shaolin Orphanage.

Aug.9, 2008: Managers of Zhengzhou Office of JEANSWEST came to Shaolin Orphanage and endowed clothes and food.

Jun.14, 2008: World Insight donated 200,000 RMB to Shaolin Orphanage for the children’s learning and daily necessities.

Jun.1, 2008: Sponsored by Henan Erqianjia Logistics Service Co. Ltd., the orphans of Shaolin Orphanage made a physical examination in Zhengzhou.

May 30, 2008: Chairman Li Zhibin of Henan Provincial General Charity Federation, vice-chair and director Lu Xianqi, and vice-chair Jiang Keming of Soong Ching Ling Foundation came to Shaolin Orphanage and endowed 310,000RMB and a video camera.

Apr.18, 2008: Xu Lingna, on behalf of Yachang art collectors, donated two computers and two sterilizers.


Nov.3, 2007: Bosideng International Holdings Limited donated a Bosideng down coat to each child of Shaolin Orphanage.

Sep.10, 2007: The Abbot Shi Yongxin, on behalf of Shaolin Temple, donated 3000,000 RMB to Henan Soong Ching Ling Foundation to support Henan charity cause.

Jun.1, 2007: Chairman Yang Degong of Henan Provincial General Charity Federation launched the donation activity and endowed 310,000 RMB in order to make the children have a happy Children's Day. He also watched the "Chan Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony" with the children in the evening.

May.12, 2007: Henan Kaixiang Properties Limited donated 100,000 RMB to Shaolin Orphanage and came to Shaolin Temple bringing 50 loving mothers to spend this Mother’s Day with the children.

Dec.30, 2006: Invited by Henan Television Station, Henan Radio Station and Henan Headquarter of Unicom, the children of Shaolin Orphanage visited Zhengzhou Aquarium and Henan Radio Station.

Nov.7, 2006: China Unicom auctioned the "153" section of cell phone number and the children of Shaolin Orphanage performed at the auction. The earning was donated to the Orphanage.

Oct.1, 2006: The children of Shaolin Orphanage and youth volunteers of Dengfeng City went to hospital to help and take care of the elderly.

Aug.30, 2006: The children of Shaolin Orphanage interacted and communicated with players of the "Kungfu Star" from Shenzhen City and they performed together in Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center. At last, the latter gave books to the children.

Jul.20, 2006: Abbot Shi Yongxin met with the student delegation from North America led by Craig Kielburger, the founder of internationally renowned charity organization Free The Children. Thereafter they had an in-depth discussion on the charity cause. Craig Kielburger expressed his admiration for the program of "Helping 1000 Orphans" and he expected the further cooperation with Shaolin Temple in charity cause.

Jun.1, 2006: Chairman Yang Degong of Henan Provincial General Charity Federation came to the Shangbujie Primary School to see the children of the Shaolin Orphanage and brought with them new bags and daily articles.

Feb.13, 2006: SANYUAN DONGMAN CHUANMEI donated 20,000 Blue Cat books to the children of the Shaolin Orphanage before the Mountain Gate of Shaolin Temple.

Jan.10, 2006: The orphans took part in the charity sales of Chan Tea held in the Reception Room of Shaolin Temple; 49200 Yuan was earned,which was donated to Shaolin Orphanage.

Feb.5-15, 2005: Abbot Yongxin assigned Shaolin Monk Corps led by Yanyu to Thailand to participate the "Chinese Traditional Spring Festival Culture Week" organized by the Culture Ministry, and made charity performance in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket. Chinese Traditional Culture Week is an embodiment of "China Fever" happened overseas in recent years, and Shaolin Monk Corps has performed abroad as the envoy of Chinese culture for many times. On Feb.13, Shaolin Monks Corps and other members of the delegation of “Chinese Traditional Spring Festival Culture Week” attended the ceremony held in Phangnga for releasing the souls of the dead in seaquake 50days after their death.

Jan.29, 2005: The "Program for Helping 1000 Orphans" initiated by Shaolin Temple and Henan Provincial General Charity Federation was further implemented, and the adopted children of its sub-program Shaolin Orphanage were confirmed. Shaolin Temple will give them systematic education and training, paying more attention to the study of Shaolin culture including Chan, Kungfu and Medicine apart from foundation courses.

Dec.21, 2005: Thousands of loving parents came to Shangbujie Primary School and brought with them "Heng Yuan Xiang” brand sweater to the children.

Dec.20-31, 2004: The second batch of relief funds and materials of the "Program for Helping 1000 Orphans" was started to distribute, which lasted for more than eighty days. 1039 orphans in 19 counties or cities in Henan were benefited, such as Hui County, Lankao, Shangqiu.

Dec.21, 2004: Secretary-general of Shaolin Charitable Foundation Liu Yingbiao presented himself at the centenary of the birth of Chang Renxia, an oriental art historian, art archaeologists, art educationalist and poet, held in Shangying County, Hebei Province.

Apr.17, 2004: The launching ceremony of the "Program of Helping 1000 Orphans" was held in Dengfeng City; deputy directors Li Zhibin and Wu Quanzhi of Henan Provincial People's Congress, executive vice-chairman Yang Degong of Henan Provincial General Charity Federation, and Abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple were in attendance.
Abbot Yongxin distributed the relief funds, articles and clothes to the first aided 70 orphans on the ceremony.
To support 1000 orphans under 16 to their 18, Shaolin Temple and Henan Provincial General Charity Federation launched this program, which prompted strong reactions at home and abroad. People from all walks of life donate money and materials; and some charity organizations and overseas Chinese fellowships also show their concern. Shaolin Temple has been collecting donations for it through various ways.

Jan.15, 2004: The first group of adopted orphans and the relief funds and materials of the "Program of Helping 1000 Orphans" were officially made public, after strict examinations by Henan Provincial General Charity Federation, Bureaus of Civil Affairs and Village Committees. The names of these orphans have been released on the official website of Shaolin Temple. The second group of aided orphans was under approval.

Oct.14, 2003: Shaolin Charitable Foundation and Zhengzhou Buddhism Society held the ritual of releasing creatures in front of the Mahavira Hall of Shaolin Temple; chief elder master Yinsong of Shaolin Temple presided over the ceremony.

Qct.1 2003: In order to help 1039 orphans and establish Shaolin Orphanage, Shaolin Temple held a grand Buddhist assembly as well as charitable activities which lasted for 49 days, and 61 prominent monks from home and abroad came to pray for the future of Shaolin Orphans’ Home.

Sep.13, 2003: In the afternoon, executive vice-chairman Yang Derong of Henan Provincial General Charity Federation and Abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple signed on the implementation scheme of the "Program of Helping 1000 Orphans", officially launched the program.
Shaolin Temple takes charge to raise relief funds for the program and implements it jointly with Henan Provincial General Charity Federation. Moreover, they establish Shaolin Orphanage for the 50-100 children selected from 1000 orphans to be helped. These selected children are all of 4 to 14 years old and meet the requirements of inheritance of Shaolin culture. Shaolin Temple will give them systematic education and training to make them the outstanding heirs of Shaolin culture. 

Apr.25, 2002: Led by Abbot Yongxin, Shaolin Monk Corps made charity performance in the grand charity evening "Light of Charity", which is sponsored by Henan Provincial General Charity Federation. 

Jan.27, 2002: Shaolin Temple held Buddhist assembly in Mahavira Hall to express the gratitude of Shaolin Abbot and president of Shaolin Charitable Foundation Shi Yongxin to the members of Shaolin Charitable Foundation, helpers of Chan Dew and the warmhearted people who support Shaolin charity projects. Shaolin monks, members of Shaolin Charitable Foundation and many Buddhist believers were in attendance.