Shaolin Orphanage is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization founded by Abbot Shi Yongxin in Dec.2004. It is a sub-program of "Helping 1000 Orphans" initiated by Shaolin Temple and Henan Provincial General Charity Federation. Presently, Shaolin Orphanage has adopted 50 orphans from Henan who are suitable for group living and can meet the requirements of inheriting Shaolin culture.


Following the principle that "Compassion, loving-kindness, joyfulness, and equanimity achieve future", Abbot Yongxin gathers the power and benevolence of the mass and conducts worldly charitable deeds with non-worldly selflessness. As early as 1995, Shaolin Temple has founded Shaolin Charitable Foundation so as to help those in danger and in poor, aid the needy and the parentless. For years, Shaolin Temple has done tremendous amount of work in disaster relief, life-saving, educational activities, creature-releasing and many other aspects, thus was well received by various circles of the society.


Since the inception of Shaolin Orphanage, large number of masters, lay Buddhists as well as other compassionate people donated money and materials for the program of "Helping 1000 Orphans" and the development of Shaolin Orphanage. When the well-known scholar Rao Zongyi acknowledged that Shaolin Temple was preparing for building Shaolin Orphanage, he wrote the tablet for it. Shaolin Temple is looking forward to more kindhearted people to concern the children's growth and to offer their help for their lives and education.