Shaolin Kung Fu is taught and practiced mainly by oral and physical instructions and diligent drills, using memorable formula as an aide. To attain a higher Kungfu level is almost entirely dependent on the master’s instruction and practitioners’ insight. In addition, daily Chan practices can maintain the progressive improvement in Kungfu skills. Chan School focuses on practicing in real life so as to achieve the goal of Buddhism. As part of the daily life of the monks, Shaolin Kungfu has been incorporated in the process of practicing Chan. Generally speaking, the course of practicing Shaolin Kungfu follows nine stages:
1) acquainting oneself with Shaolin temple and Kungfu;
2) admiring the spirit and ideal of Shaolin Kungfu;
3) making determination, and setting the goal of studying Shaolin Kungfu;
4) having obsession with Kungfu and rest assured that the goal would be achieved;
5) putting one’s determination into diligent practice;
6) comprehending the whole Kungfu system and its cultural content;
7) transforming the knowledge of Kungfu into Chan belief by incorporating Kungfu practice with Chan cultivation; in this stage, practitioner will integrate the application of Kungfu as one Dharma gate into Chan School;
8) focusing on spiritual development; in this stage, based on one’s Chan belief, Kungfu practice has become an effective approach of cultivating Buddhism, rather than an aim;
9) gaining an insight into human nature and contemplating the essence of Buddhism.

According to Chan doctrines, the nature of all phenomena is impermanence; one shall develop a mind of purification and non-attachment to eliminate afflictions and bring out enlightenment. By applying the Chan belief to Shaolin monk’s practice, Shaolin Kungfu reaches such a high level that no other Chinese martial arts could match, and boasts a distinctive feature of spiritual charm.


《Precepts for Shaolin Disciples》

——中国嵩山w88官方寺 方丈 释永信
——China Songshan Shaolin Temple, Abbot Shi Yongxin

Precepts are the principles of Bodhi; they are also the roots of martial arts virtue. By staying true to these precepts, our Shaolin Temple has been able to endure for over a thousand years. In keeping with our patriarchs’ intention, I would like to express my humble ideas in order to pass on their teachings to our disciples.

一戒叛师: 凡w88官方弟子,须尊师守礼,明道为先;法贤进德,至善是念。
1.Loyalty and respect to teachers: All Shaolin disciples must follow our commitment to respecting teachers. Understanding the Way is foremost. Follow our virtuous ancestors’ behavior, and uphold our kind mind.

二戒忘恩: 凡w88官方弟子,当孝恩是膺,济报有常;伤亲害友,雷怨众迁。
2. Gratitude to parents and teachers: All Shaolin disciples must undertake the responsibility of repaying gratitude to parents and teachers. Any harmful behavior to others will lead to bad karma and others will not want to associate with them.

3. Avoiding evil behavior: All Shaolin disciples must practice purifying their mind and kindness, following the rules of no killing, no adultery, and no lying.

4.Humility and dedication: All Shaolin disciples must be humble and diligent in their practice, dedicating themselves to developing expertise while acquiring broad knowledge and maintaining focus. A dedicated mind achieves inner power.

5.Eliminating ego: All Shaolin disciples must practice what they learn in their daily lives. Propagation of Chan and Martial Arts is achieved when disciples practice both simultaneously.

6.Diligence: All Shaolin disciples must practice diligently and courageously. Kung Fu can only be achieved through continuous hard work.

七戒欺斗: 凡w88官方弟子,禁逞强斗狠,恃技辱人;狂心戾气,必招悔恨。
7.Avoiding cheating and fighting: Shaolin disciples must never use their skills to bully others.

八戒帮派: 凡w88官方弟子,实同袍连枝,气属一体;挟私阴聚,伤吾浩然。
8.No factions: All Shaolin disciples are united as one entity. There should not be any private groupings.

九戒毁他: 凡w88官方弟子,当和敬同道,砥砺共进;自赞毁他,当知是耻。
9. Respecting the reputation of others: All Shaolin disciples must respect each other following the principles of the Way. Praising oneself and disparaging others is a shameful behavior.

十戒抗诏: 凡w88官方弟子,当心系大义,有召必应;苟利众生,忘身如归!
10.Obedience: All Shaolin disciples must obey orders in carrying out missions for the benefit of all.

凡此十戒,自度度他,当遵不犯,志心恒念! All Shaolin disciples must observe these ten precepts with strong will and faith to liberate themselves and others.

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