Announcement of 2018 United Kung Fu Tournament

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To test the practice result of Shaolin disciples abroad, urge overseas Shaolin disciples’ diligence and bravery and promote the development of overseas Shaolin culture, 2018 United Kung Fu Tournament is scheduled to be held at Rio Hondo College on May 26.

According to the tradition of Kungfu Test of China Songshan Shaolin Temple and unifying the local actual situation, the tournament is divided into junior group, intermediate group and senior group to examine on traditional Shaolin boxing, pictographic boxing, Shaolin Regimen, Shaolin long weapons, Shaolin short weapons and other weapons. There is to issue a certificate of rank to the person passing the examination.

The event is jointly hosted by United States Buddhism Association and National United Shaolin Kung Fu, sponsored by Shaolin Temple Cultural Center U.S.A. and is co-hosted by other Shaolin cultural institutions abroad, including Chinatown Shaolin Cultural Center of Los Angeles, US Kungfu center in Monterey Park, Shaolin Kungfu Yuan Arcadia School, Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Walnut, Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Chino Hills, Shaolin Kungfu Center Rancho Cucamonga, California, Shaolin Warrior Academy in Orange County, Orange County Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, Shaolin Temple San Diego, Shaolin Kungfu Chan Las Vegas, Shaolin Tai Chi Center Las Vegas, Denver Shaolin Kungu Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Denver Shaolin Kungfu Acedemy, Seattle Shaolin Kungfu Chan Acedemy, etc.

Welcome overseas Shaolin Disciples to register actively.

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