The 1st Shaolin Kumbh Mela 2017

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With the advancement of the society and progress in the propagation of the Dharma, Shaolin Buddhist Monastery, the place of origination of the Buddhist Chan Order, is due to hold the first Shaolin Kumbh Mela in July, 2017, praying for world peace, the prosperity of the country, health and happiness of all sentient beings as well as enriching and carrying forward traditional Chinese culture in a better way. For more details, please click on the events below to sign up for it, and all the Buddhist votaries, home or abroad, are welcome to participate and to obtain the Dharma joy together!


Date: From July 29th to August 4th, 2017 (Seven days in total)

Venue: Songshan Shaolin Buddhist Monastery




The Opening Ceremony(Blessing Prayer at Mahaviro Hall)

July 29th

Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

July 29thAugust 4th

72 Shaolin stunts Tryouts

July 30thAugust 2nd

Symposium on “Shaolin Monastery and Buddhism in the Northern Dynasties period”

July 31th August 2nd

List of professional Go tournaments

August 1stAugust 2nd

The World Lamp Transmission Ceremony

At 7:00p.m. On August 1st

Chan Debate

August 2nd August 4th

The Invitational Slingshot Match

August 3rdAugust 4th

The Closing Ceremony

August 4th

Tea Ceremony, Incense Ceremony and Exhibition on Health-preserving Measures and Vegetarian Food will be held during these events.


                                                                        China Songshan Shaolin Temple

                                                                                     April 2nd, 2017



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