Shaolin Kungfu at the 8th Fighting Lion Festival

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As one of the major Martial Arts festivals in Greece, Fighting Lion Festival At Xylokastro often invited local organizations, performance groups to the festival each year and Greek Shaolin Cultural Center [EPOKES] has been invited to perform at the main stage this year. On Saturday, April 1, 2017, more than 30 clubs from all over Greece and 300 athletes came to the indoor stadium of Xylokastro City, competed in self-defense techniques, shadow boxing, Kungfu forms, weapons and fights in various categories from different martial arts styles.


The Festival, was open by the presentation of the internal Shaolin style "Baduajin", by the Phoenix Shaolin Cultural Center of Pyrgos, thrilling the audience in the packed stadium of Xylokastro. Furthermore, students of Hellenic Shaolin Cultural Center gave a brilliant Shaolin Kungfu Show demonstrating the astonishing Shaolin Kungfu skills, including Shaolin Rou Quan, a variety of Shaolin weapons, hand forms and Qigong, which won warm applause and non-stop cheers from the enthusiastic audience.


The organizer of the event Mr. D. Kapellos thanked Master Yanzhuo, the executive director of Greek Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, for his dedication to implementation of this outstanding festival, awarding him a commemorative cup as a souvenir.

Master Shi Yan Zhuo had the opportunity to speak with the Mayor of Xylokastro, Mr. Andrikopoulos Elias, about the healthy, positive lifestyle of Shaolin, which taught people to gain spiritual and physical health through practicing Shaolin Kungfu; and he also talked about the efforts of Shaolin Abbot Ven. Shi Yong Xin to spread the Shaolin Culture all over the World. Besides, he gave an account of the origin of Songshan Shaolin Temple and a brief history of EPOKES’s founding and mission.(Greek Shaolin Cultural Center)

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