Vegetarian Food

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Vegetarian food is a fine tradition of Chinese Buddhism. Vegetarian food is extremely consistent with modern science. Human gut is very similar to plant eat-eating animals’, long and winding, and intestinal wall full of folds; it is different from with carnivores’ small intestine is short and large intestine straight and smooth. Fiber in meat is less. Wastes produced after digesting can produce toxins in the long human gut, increase the burden of liver and then cause liver cirrhosis and cancer and so on.

Meat is mostly acid food, making blood feculent easily. Meat is also a kind of food overwhelmed toxins. Animals, the same as human, whose body can produce toxins when getting nervous, and spread quickly throughout the body’s small vessels and muscles. As human is horrible and angry whose face fades away into purple, black or pale suddenly. Buddhists don’t eat meat or fish, which is not only the request of disciplines but also benefit body health.

And that most of the vegetarian food is alkaline foods, making the blood clear and conveniently recycled. Vegetable fat contained in it does not only provide heat for the body, maintain the body temperature and protect the internal organs, contribute to the absorption of vitamins and be able to moisten the skin but also can refrain from heart disease and various vascular diseases. Brain cell’s essential nutrient is mainly Pyromucic Acid, secondly Vitamin B, oxygen, etc. The contents of cereal and beans in vegetarian food are the richest. Therefore vegetarians’ physical condition is refreshing, full of energy, good endurance, agile thinking and a long life. (From Shaolin Encyclopedia)

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