Zen Stories: The Lamebrain Official

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The Zen master Dayu and Yutang accepted an invitation to instruct a major official interested in Zen. Master Yutang said to the official: You are a naturally intelligent and receptive man. I think you will make a fine student of Zen. While Master Dayu disagreed with him:Youve got to be kidding! This lamebrain may have a high position, but he wouldnt know Zen if he were hit over the head with it! 

After listening to your two honorable opinions. I have decided what to do. and then the official said to them.

In the end, not only did the official not build a temple for Yutang, he built one for Dayu instead and studied Zen with him.

Disregarding the high position of the official, Dayu spoke exactly what was on his mind, and as a result, was held in high regard for it. Dont be deluded by exterior circumstances. When the dualism of good and evil is gone from your mind, only then will you being nearing Zen. (From Zen Stories: The Staff and Shout of the Venerable Ones)

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