Xinhua: Chinese cultural exchange group wows Ghanaian audience with spectacular Shaolin performance

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A performance entitled "The Glory of Shaolin" made a hit in Ghana.

ACCRA, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- The Zhengzhou cultural exchange group from China held their Ghanaian audience here spellbound with a spectacular display of a variety of Shaolin martial arts performances as part of activities to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The show, attended by Ghana's first lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo, with a host of ministers, formed part of a four-nation African tour by the group to strengthen China's cultural exchange activities with Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Chad.

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The packed-to-capacity main hall of the National Theatre in the Ghanaian capital reverberated with deep thumping background sounds interspersing the performances, as the audience watched in awe the first performance; a 13-minute sketch of the 24 Kung-fu performers.

Opening the performance entitled "The Glory of Shaolin", Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Wang Shi Ting said China-Ghana cooperation was in a period of rapid development with high-level exchanges between the two countries.

He said the performance was one of the major overseas celebrations organized by the ministry of tourism and culture of China.

"China and Ghana are both important developing countries with a long history and splendid culture," said Wang.

"The Chinese embassy is ready to work with Ghanaian friends to make unremitting efforts to promote the people-to-people exchanges to carry forward the China-Ghana Friendship and push our relationship to a new high," Wang added.

With grit and color, the team performed a total of 10 Shaolin acts including the Eighteen Weapons, Shaolin Stunts,  Shaolin Fist with Zen,  Eight Section Brocade,  and the Shaolin Qingong Abdominal Suction Bowl and Stabbing Throat by Steel Spear.

The Theme act, Glory of Shaolin, combined the traditional routine Shaolin martial arts effectively with an array of extraordinary skills with weapons, using the hands, eyes, and body, among others, to showcase their rich skills in the Chinese art.

It also displayed the rich inheritance in each step of this particular act, including the broad-sword, spear, sword as well as stick and fist, with interludes of cultural performances by the Ghana Adehyeman Dance group.

Also on display were the Tong-Zi-Gong of Shaolin Temple; Pictographic Boxing of Shaolin Temple, and the Shaolin Qigong Stick Breaking.

The Ghanaian audience left the theatre thrilled, having witnessed live the skillful display of martial arts they used to watch only at the cinema. 


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