Announcement of “The Universal Deliverance and Grand Feast Assembly for All Sages, and Sentient Beings gathering from the Water and Land Realms of Dharma Realms” of Shaolin Temple in Wuxu Year

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“The dharma won’t appear by itself and all dharmas arise through causes or conditions; whether the Way is real, it will reflect the power under the causes or conditions.” When Shaolin Temple holds the 8th China Buddhism Summit Forum on May 26, 2018, the 7-day Water Land Dharma Function will be sponsored (from May 26 to June 2, or from the 15th day to the 19th of the fourth month in 2018). Pray for world peace, the prosperity of our countries and happiness of our people releasing from suffering as well as a favorable weather; pray for disaster elimination, life extension, good luck in everything, peace and prosperity for benefactors and believers; transfer all ancestors, clan relatives, all those karmic creditors, infant spirits and others to the state of paradise.

The sutras say: “all living things should be pure. Due to ignorance, the pure body was concealed by the karma. After that, they often sink in sea of bitterness, always chase wave, banished the birth and death, full of grief and suffering. Only by the holy ones’ assistance and Bodhisattvas’ raising, all living beings will be rebirth to the state of paradise.” From May 26, 2018, Shaolin Temple will offer sacrifice with flowers and incenses, Dhvaja or flags, solemn lamps and kindles, set up the dojo and take across sentient beings universally. It is devote to invite all Buddhas and bodhisattvas and dharmapalas naga and deva to verify merits while inviting the Abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Yongxin to preside over the assembly and high masters to mount the shrines to lead all sentient beings.

The assembly will set 7 shrines in total: the Inner Shrine, the Great Shrine, the Huayan Shrine, the Lotus Shrine, the Nengyan Shrine, the Sutras Shrine and the Pure Land Shrine. More than 200 monks chant sutras, repent, worship Buddhas, set yoga fireworks, purify the foods for Buddha, transfer all the holy ones, wandering ghosts and all other spirits to the Paradise and the Pure Land. The Merits are incredible. All participants of the assembly will benefit both the up world and the nether world. It is not only to pay a debt of gratitude, cross over the deceased, but also dissolve offenses, promote happiness, extend life and benefit the wisdom and blessing.

To benefit all beings, the Water Land Dharma Function is sponsored by all believers who raise money to build the water land rite of all surnames. Please benefactors of ten directions, protectors and believers accordingly rejoice to attend the assembly, protect it and benefit dharma.

The Water Land Dharma Function will offer incense on the afternoon of the 12th day of the Fourth lunar month in Wuxu Year (on May 26, 2018), and escort the blessed ones completely on the 19th day of the fourth lunar month (on June 2, 2018).

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