"2017 1st Great Meeting Open to All Held by Shaolin Temple" Public Notice

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The "Great Meeting Open to All", as its name suggests, is a period similar to Lent during which people of all social status and identity are treated equally in diversified forms of cultural exchange, including Chan, martial arts and medicine.

The long-standing "Great Meeting Open to All" in China can be dated back to Martial Emperor of Liang Dynasty, and became prevalent in the the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589). According to the record of General History of Chinese Buddhism, Martial Emperor of Liang Dynasty held a grand Dharma Assembly Open to All. He prepared vegetarian food for common people.


Nowadays, in times of peace and prosperity, Shaolin Temple has rich cultural connotation that represents outstanding Chinese traditional culture, of which Chan, martial arts, and medicine culture are regarded as the essence of Shaolin culture. With the purpose of world peace, national prosperity and well-being of all mortal beings, as well as enriching and carrying forward Chinese traditional culture, Shaolin Temple plans to hold the "1st Great Meeting Open to All" from July 29 too Aug. 4, 2017.

Activity Site: Shaolin Temple in Songshan Mountain
1. Opening Ceremony (Mahaviro Hall Pray)
2. Painting, Calligraphy and Photography Show
3. Shaolin 72-skill Tryout
4. "Shaolin Temple & Buddhism in the Northern Dynasties" Seminar
5. Weiqi (a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 crosses)
6. World Prayer Dharma Assembly by Carrying Lamps
7. Zen Debate
8. Shaolin Archery Invitational Tournament
9. Closing Ceremony

Exhibition activities, such as tea ceremony, incense ceremony, health maintenance, and vegetarian diet will be organized.

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