The First Day for Reopening to Public of Shaolin Temple--Dengfeng Mayor Yang Jinjun Visits Shaolin Temple for Inspection Work

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On the first day for reopening to public of Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng Mayor Yang Jinjun led a group inspecting the epidemic prevention and control work of Shaolin Temple, Jun. 22nd, 2020.

Dengfeng Mayor Yang Jinjun and Li Li, minister of the united front work department of the municipal Party committee, and others visited Shaolin Temple. They understood the epidemic prevention and control work and implementation of measures in detail before and after reopening to public for Shaolin Temple.

Mayor Yang Jinjun affirmed Shaolin Temple’s efforts of the epidemic prevention and control work and noted that Shaolin Temple must set a good example and practically take people’s safety first as an important cultural card of Dengfeng city. (Edited by Wan Ning and photographed by Zhao Yongjie)

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