The First Day of Reopening for Shaolin Temple--Dispatching Lucky Zongzi to Tourists

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Shaolin Temple reopened on Jun. 22, 2020. As the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, to carry forward traditional Chinese culture and stick to the localization of Buddhism in China, Shaolin Temple hosted the assembly about “praying for sentient beings and meeting Shaolin” to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival meanwhile dispatching lucky Zongzi and contributing to people’s psychological construction after the end of the outbreak as well as to the country’s prosperity and people’s happiness.

Steaming Shaolin lucky Zongzi freshly finished were dispatched to people in the fine drizzle at 11am. Masters and workers wore masks and gloves and prepared hand sanitizer. Tourists orderly queued on the scene. Shaolin masters clasped the five-color rope around people’s hand and then people got lucky Zongzi and tasted it full of praise.

600 Zongzi had been handed out in three hours. People’s beautiful dreams and yearning for the future were plastered all over the blessing wall behind the Mahaviro. In addition, Shaolin lucky Zongzi this year also would be sent to Shaolin Temple’s sub-temples besides permanent monks and tourists, making more people receive the blessing. (Edited by Yue Long)

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