Prepare the Anti-Epidemic Work and Restart the Gateway--China Songshan Shaolin Temple Reopens to Public

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According to the unified deployment of higher authorities and relevant departments, China Songshan Shaolin Temple reopened to public in the premise of making good preparations for the epidemic prevention on Jun. 22, 2020.

At 9am, the Gateway of Shaolin Temple slowly opened. Shaolin monks walked out of the Gateway and lined up in the Gateway square, holding the solemn national-flag-raising ceremony under the guidance of Venerable Master Shi Yongxin.

Shaolin monks solemnly folded their hands, watching the five-star red flag rise up slowly in the square. Visitors from around the country and believers together with Shaolin monks jointly attended the national flag-raising ceremony.

After the ceremony, venerable master Yongxin reminded permanent masters and workers again that the Gateway restarted today and all departments of the temple and each work groups must carefully implement prevention and control measures, can’t relax the vigilance and put visitors’ health and safety first.

At 9am, the first group of tourists smoothly entered the Shaolin Temple under the guidance of masters. Visitors sightsaw the temple and believers paid a respect for Buddha. Believers spontaneously gathered chanting Amitabha surrounded by tourists, calling out sensation one after another behind the Mahaviro Hall.

With the end of winter and the coming of summer, the Shaolin Temple fully implemented double suspension for the epidemic prevention and control work in the last five months such as suspending opening to public or dharma activities, etc. During the time, Shaolin monks practiced with great concentration, staying at the present meanwhile actively make preparations of donation and supplies to support disaster areas, manifesting the compassion and wisdom of Buddhists.

To welcome tourists and believers, Shaolin Temple set up work groups for openness work such as hanging the publicity board, putting up “one meter line”, making mechanisms including the appointment, detection, guidance, publicity, etc. Meanwhile carrying out nucleic acid tests, a full and thorough disinfection, knowledge training, emergency drill and so on to effectively safeguard the health and safe of tourists.

The Gateway of the Shaolin Temple restarted with a good preparation of the epidemic prevention and control work on Jun. 22, 2020 or the 2nd day of the fifth lunar month in Gengzi Year. (Edited by Wan Ning and photographed by Master Yange, Yue Long and Zhao Yongjie)

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