Ambassadors from Three Countries in China Visit Shaolin Temple

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On the afternoon of Jun. 14, 2020, Ambassador Ms Ina Marciulionyte from Republic of Lithuania in China, Ambassador Yu Bosheng (Marc Hubsch) from Luxembourg in China, Ambassador Ms Tania Romualdo Cape Verde in China and so on visited Shaolin Temple accompanied by officials from the Overseas Affairs Office of Henan Provincial Party Committee, experiencing the charm of traditional Shaolin culture at close range and receiving a warm welcome from abbot Yongxin and Shaolin monks.

The group visited the Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound with interest accompanied by Abbot Yongxin. During the visit, ambassadors expressed a keen interest in Shaolin Temple’s historical heritage such as architecture, engraving, sculpture, murals, etc. and took photos frequently. Abbot Yongxin made the detailed introduction to Shaolin culture represented by Chan, Wu, Yi and Yi or Chan, martial arts, medical and skills. Ambassadors admire and highly praise of profound Shaolin culture.

In front of the Abbot Hall, Shaolin warrior monks demonstrated fantastic Shaolin Kungfu, winning cheers and appraise from people on the scene. They expressed appreciation for Shaolin warrior monks’ brilliant techniques.

At the Abbot Hall, ambassadors and Abbot Yongxin had a pleasant discussion. Both sides jointly expressed that Shaolin Temple and Luxembourger, Lithuania and Cape Verde would be able to further enhance exchanges and cooperation in Shaolin Kungfu and Chan culture, benefiting local people. During the time, abbot Yongxin also told what Shaolin Temple and overseas Shaolin cultural centers had made efforts during the pandemic outbreak, which received positive evaluation from people. (Edited by Chan Yue)

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